Monday, July 25, 2005


oh, poo, they lost the cricket. How did the last four batsmen all manage to get ducks!!?? How did 8 of the 11 score less than 10 runs!!?? How?

Not a lot of excitement happening today. I'm in the office in the morning and afternoon, doing the Re:Act admin (there's loads!) and some work on a 24-7 prayer week in September (watch this space for more info). So with very little to share with the world this morning, I thought I'd share some lyrics from one of my favourite songs of recent months. It's from Feeder's new album called 'Pushing the Senses,' and I love it.
This song is called 'Tender.' May the lyrics put a smile on your face throughout your day.

Ache, can't watch and break and shatter
Saved, new lives to make us better
I'm letting you know, cleansing my soul
Been letting you know, for days...

Turn over everything, time can heal us again
I'm tender in your arms
Reaching inside of me, bringing the love I need
The loneliness has gone.


Paul Windo said...

Cricketing disaster! Even a very poetic lyric cannot distract me from the frustration over our poor performance...

By the way Petrosky - I have a couple of snaps from my time at Spree on my blog if you are intrigued. Plu, I've found the old footage of you being followed by a tent at HH Spree 04...

Petros mole said...

oh yes! you genious. can't wait to see the ol' tent again!