Monday, July 18, 2005


um, where am I? Can just about make out the keyboard as my eyes are so blurry. Busy and tiring weekend camping but great fun. Shared a tent with Jon Wicks and he is an absolute comic legend. I saw his hilarious morning workout routine for the first time and just laughed my way through it from start to finish. Also, great to see the other Herne Bayers there as well as sir. windo and Pete and Chris from Whitstable. It was great to be back at Haywards Heath Spree for the umpteenth time and in some ways it was a good marker for how i've developed this year.
So back home then and in time for the sunday night game of cards, with mum, dad and pop. I was absolutely wallopped with my mum nearly getting twice as many points as me. oh well, i'd better get to bed early before catching the train to battersea tomorrow.

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