Sunday, July 24, 2005

hmm, interesting

One DVD purchased! 4 hours of happy memories in one box. I started watching it last night and I'd forgotten just how miraculous it was that Liverpool even got to the final. For example, the 3 goal comeback at the end of the group stage, beating Juventus, and Gudjohnson's stoppage time miss that would have put Chelsea in the final. It was almost as exciting watching it all last night, as it was at the time.
So having watched an hour of footy memories last night, I was in too good a mood to go to bed, so i stumbled across a film on channel 4 called 'Van Wilder.' I wasn't convinced by it at first but I thought I'd give it a chance. Any film set in a University is guaranteed to have some disgustingly adolescent humour in it and once you've seen it once, you've seen it all. But after 15 minutes of this film I was strangely captivated. Yes, it had the predictable sick humour (literally) and toilet jokes, but overall I found the film surprisingly uplifting and refreshing. The plot was of a guy called Van Wilder who was in his 7th year of uni and he didnt want to leave cos he loved partying so much. Then he falls for a girl called Gwen who seems to have her whole future mapped out, career, marriage etc. Basically, Gwen shows Van that there's more to life than parties and Van shows Gwen that there's more to life than going though the structured 9 to 5 motions. Best film I've seen in a while. Why? Maybe, I connected with the emotions of both of the two main characters, of wanting more than parties but also more than just routines. hmm, interesting.

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