Friday, July 29, 2005

Family Portrait

Ahh, what a nice pic of my family, taken at xmas. I'm back home on Tuesday, so see you all soon, especially you bro.
Infact, my mind's kind of in 3 different places at the mo. Part of it's doing the business in Herne Bay, another bit is trying to get to grips with all the exciting things that are happening at home and the final part is looking ahead to University.
I sometimes forget where I am.

Crumbs today. Then the return of Beth to the Bay, followed by D:caff.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hallo Peter,

I'm trying to write in German, but I'm thinking in English at the moment, becausehaving talked English the whole day....with whom? What do you imagine?
Ok, some German comment now for you:
Ich war sehr überrascht über deine tolle " homepage ". Es gefällt wie du schreibst. Es ist amüsant und intelligent zugleich.
Deine Texte zeigen mir eine Seite von dir, die ich früher nie gesehen habe .Wo hattest du sie versteckt? Sie steht dir genauso gut wie deine ernste Seite.
Peter I hope you can translate this into English vor you, if not ask your parents they are sitting beside me and have been very curious what I was writing to you.
At the end of this comment I will pass you an offer. When ever you want to come over to Germany for a holiday even with a friend of yours you can stay with me in my flat and also be on your own.

It was nice to meet you again after some years, even it only was at the internet.
Have nice time.So long,Steffi