Saturday, July 23, 2005

'Crumbs, it's crumbs'

In CLC today and I'm pretty sure I will purchase the DVD mentioned yesterday during my lunchbreak. Yesterday, included a busy morning at 'Crumbs'. 'Crumbs' is the Herne Bay Churches Together coffee shop, (open on Fridays from 10til12) which sells everything for 30p (even the cakes purchased from Safeway). It's a good laugh, and Dave who runs it is an absolute legend. Talking to older people has it's amusing side at times. Yesterday, I think I said something about it being the end of term and I received about 20 mins worth of life story, without being able to get a word in. The trouble is occasonally they'll say something like, '...And then I was arrested,' but because I'd switched off 5 minutes ago I've got no idea what they're talking about.
Oh well, let's see what conversations I get today in the bookshop.

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Anonymous said...

Reading this at the Millers. More people reading your blog Mum