Friday, July 29, 2005

Family Portrait

Ahh, what a nice pic of my family, taken at xmas. I'm back home on Tuesday, so see you all soon, especially you bro.
Infact, my mind's kind of in 3 different places at the mo. Part of it's doing the business in Herne Bay, another bit is trying to get to grips with all the exciting things that are happening at home and the final part is looking ahead to University.
I sometimes forget where I am.

Crumbs today. Then the return of Beth to the Bay, followed by D:caff.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Morning Runner

For the first day off in weeks I persuaded myself to go for my morning run round the park. All was going well until I persuaded myself to go that little bit further than normal (about 3 minutes further). Bad move. I was so out of breath at the end that my eyes went all blurry, like it was really foggy. Is that normal???? It's taken me about half an hour to recover. Is that normal??

Plans for my day off - meet up for playstation action with Nick and then we'll see what happens.

My pal Sir. Windo has been searching through his video archives recently and he's found some amusing footage of me being stitched up. It's from Spree 2004 and I was filmed being followed by a walking tent. Here's a pic from the amusing clip.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What a plonker

I feel like a dippystick! a right plonker. It's been quite a bizarre day.
Everything started well. I got into the office just before 10am and settled into my pile of Re:Act admin. Worship songs blaring, and I was singing my little heart out, enjoying typing away at a computer. All was going swimmingly. Until at half 11 I made a fatal error which would change my whole day.
I decided to go and get a drink from downstairs. Shutting the office door behind me, I headed off down the stairs. Half way down, I had a terrible thought, 'What if the door has locked its self.' It was one of those dreadful sinking feelings of realisation. I stopped dead for atleast a minute trying to remember whether the door would be locked. Slowly I returned to the door to find my nightmare realised. I was locked out of the room, with the office keys and everything else in the room. All I had was my mobile.
Frantically, I started looking around for a spare key and then started phoning around. Jo was out and Marcus is in London. I was stuffed. I sat outside the office for a couple of hours with Tim Hughes singing away from inside the room on constant loop. Then I decided to try and get home but noone was in and I didnt have a key. At 2 o'clock Jo offered me shelter and a sandwich. I've just got home at half 4.
That's how to completely waste a day.

Monday, July 25, 2005


oh, poo, they lost the cricket. How did the last four batsmen all manage to get ducks!!?? How did 8 of the 11 score less than 10 runs!!?? How?

Not a lot of excitement happening today. I'm in the office in the morning and afternoon, doing the Re:Act admin (there's loads!) and some work on a 24-7 prayer week in September (watch this space for more info). So with very little to share with the world this morning, I thought I'd share some lyrics from one of my favourite songs of recent months. It's from Feeder's new album called 'Pushing the Senses,' and I love it.
This song is called 'Tender.' May the lyrics put a smile on your face throughout your day.

Ache, can't watch and break and shatter
Saved, new lives to make us better
I'm letting you know, cleansing my soul
Been letting you know, for days...

Turn over everything, time can heal us again
I'm tender in your arms
Reaching inside of me, bringing the love I need
The loneliness has gone.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

hmm, interesting

One DVD purchased! 4 hours of happy memories in one box. I started watching it last night and I'd forgotten just how miraculous it was that Liverpool even got to the final. For example, the 3 goal comeback at the end of the group stage, beating Juventus, and Gudjohnson's stoppage time miss that would have put Chelsea in the final. It was almost as exciting watching it all last night, as it was at the time.
So having watched an hour of footy memories last night, I was in too good a mood to go to bed, so i stumbled across a film on channel 4 called 'Van Wilder.' I wasn't convinced by it at first but I thought I'd give it a chance. Any film set in a University is guaranteed to have some disgustingly adolescent humour in it and once you've seen it once, you've seen it all. But after 15 minutes of this film I was strangely captivated. Yes, it had the predictable sick humour (literally) and toilet jokes, but overall I found the film surprisingly uplifting and refreshing. The plot was of a guy called Van Wilder who was in his 7th year of uni and he didnt want to leave cos he loved partying so much. Then he falls for a girl called Gwen who seems to have her whole future mapped out, career, marriage etc. Basically, Gwen shows Van that there's more to life than parties and Van shows Gwen that there's more to life than going though the structured 9 to 5 motions. Best film I've seen in a while. Why? Maybe, I connected with the emotions of both of the two main characters, of wanting more than parties but also more than just routines. hmm, interesting.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

'Crumbs, it's crumbs'

In CLC today and I'm pretty sure I will purchase the DVD mentioned yesterday during my lunchbreak. Yesterday, included a busy morning at 'Crumbs'. 'Crumbs' is the Herne Bay Churches Together coffee shop, (open on Fridays from 10til12) which sells everything for 30p (even the cakes purchased from Safeway). It's a good laugh, and Dave who runs it is an absolute legend. Talking to older people has it's amusing side at times. Yesterday, I think I said something about it being the end of term and I received about 20 mins worth of life story, without being able to get a word in. The trouble is occasonally they'll say something like, '...And then I was arrested,' but because I'd switched off 5 minutes ago I've got no idea what they're talking about.
Oh well, let's see what conversations I get today in the bookshop.

Friday, July 22, 2005

School's out for summer!!

Did you know? Today's the last day of school before the summer holidays! I'm so not in that kind of mindset - for me, I've got 6 weeks left. But anyway, well done Mum! You made it. Enjoy the time off and relax - don't even think about doing any lesson plans.
Cricket was good eh? It's set up for another cracker today. On the subject of sport, I saw something in Canterbury yesterday that got my heart racing. In Virgin Megastores stood a DVD of the complete Champions League final, including highlights of l'pool's games before that. Just looking at it got my spine tingling. I simply have to buy it, but I'm trying to find a way of justifying the indulgence, in my head. I've already tried the 'I've got some book tokens' option, before realising that I probably can't buy a DVD with book tokens. C u later then. I'm off to 'Crumbs' to put my thinking cap on.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Final Ever DNA Training at Battersea

Yep, it was an emotional time (metaphorically speaking) for the final ever DNA training block in Battersea. So not only was it our last training block, next year DNA are moving to other premises. So if you've done DNA in the last few years it's time to shed a tear (metaphorically).
Incredibly I was actually awake during the two days following the weekend, and even got excited during one session by Chris Seaton on reconciliation. I especially got excited by the mention of Africa. (if you're interested about this, ask me)
The highlight though had to be the final trip to the pub on Monday night where for the first time every DNAer made it - (even those who don't like pubs!). What a laugh that was. I do believe I am the only DNAer to have made it to the pub for every training block. There's got to be some kind of prize for that. Bye bye Eagle Tavern.
But the overall highlight from the last couple of days came in the 'Working with older people' session. At the end of the session Billy the OAP, burst into a rendition of, 'You'll Never Walk Alone' at the top of his voice. Surreal. (Maybe even moving - metaphorically, mind you)

Monday, July 18, 2005


um, where am I? Can just about make out the keyboard as my eyes are so blurry. Busy and tiring weekend camping but great fun. Shared a tent with Jon Wicks and he is an absolute comic legend. I saw his hilarious morning workout routine for the first time and just laughed my way through it from start to finish. Also, great to see the other Herne Bayers there as well as sir. windo and Pete and Chris from Whitstable. It was great to be back at Haywards Heath Spree for the umpteenth time and in some ways it was a good marker for how i've developed this year.
So back home then and in time for the sunday night game of cards, with mum, dad and pop. I was absolutely wallopped with my mum nearly getting twice as many points as me. oh well, i'd better get to bed early before catching the train to battersea tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Long Walk To Justice

The world's attention is on Edinburgh - for Africa.

G8 summit starts today. We want:
More and better aid.
Complete debt cancellation.
Changes to trade laws.

This is what God thinks about this:
'I, the LORD love justice.' (Isaiah 61:8)
'Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless and see that they get justice.' (Proverbs 31:9)

'I know the LORD will get justice for the poor,' (Psalm 140:12)

Today is a part of this.

Sunday, July 03, 2005


It's 6:45 and raining. So it's off to Battersea for a couple of days.
See you all soon