Saturday, June 04, 2005

This mountains high

The last couple of days have included doing R.E lessons in schools. It's been great to tackle some stereotypes about church and ask the young people waht they thought about God. One powerful testimony from Tim brought a deadly hush to one class and the teacher even said it was the best lesson she'D EVER HAD WITH THEM. come on!
STreet work yesterday was incredibly challenging.say no more!
PLanning a talk today fór tomorrow morning. I've got a ten minutes slot in a Evangelism seminar. So lets hope it goes well and that I'm not too nervous!!

Funny old evening tonight. As a team we decided to walk up a small mountain which normally takes about 45mins to walk up. It was threatening to rain but we thought we might get away with it. However, about half way up an absoute thunderstorm broke out, lightening included! We got absolutely soaked to the skin a we ran up the steep slopes in an attempt to find shelter at the top. The thunderstorm also made the atmosphere very heavy and we were all sneezing non-stop.
Anyway, ten minutes later the storm had cleared and the views were just about worth it.

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