Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Nothing Else Compares

Coldplay were so good yesterday. I loved every second of it. Every song was awesome. Weather was great and there was almost a festival atmosphere. Highlights included 'Til Kingdom Come,' 'Yellow,' 'Fix You' and a vamped up 'Clocks' which got faster and faster. Surprisingly it was quite a similar set to the one they did at Glastonbury on Sat, with a complete mix of songs from across their albums. Loved it.
It was defintely worth the tricky train journies which needed a lot of patience. They were a mission but ultimately it was mission accomplished, getting back just before 2 in the morning. I found out some really sad news whilst reading the back of someones paper on the train. I can't believe Richard Whitely has died. I was actually quite upset. Countdown has been a joyous part of my afternoons for years and Chris Martin summed it all up by adding in to the lyrics of 'Everything's not lost,' 'We're sure gonna miss Countdown.'

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