Friday, May 06, 2005

This is beautiful. You've got to soak it up.

Youth group over in Reculver last night. Me and Beth had been planning a talk for the last couple of days and it went pretty well. The topic was, "What do you soak in?" (Idea stolen from Spring Harvest eh, DNAers!) or in plain English that means 'what things of the world influence you?' We started with a fun game. We'd scrumpled up loads of pieces of paper, where some had parts of a Bible verse on. (Romans 12:2) We then tied all the youngsters feet together and then threw the paper on the floor in front of them. hee hee. They had to then find the verse. We then had some good group discussions about what things influence us, ie. TV, music, films, school etc. To finish with I played Beautiful by Athlete, and everyone had a chance to think about what we'd talked about. All in all, I was pretty pleased with how the evening went and I went away amazed by the change in these kids in the last few months; they're so much more open to talking about God.

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muel said...

hah that's exactly what dna is for man - finding good stuff to nick and pass off as your own!

pete i love the way you use music to illustrate stuff. keep doing it fella.