Monday, May 30, 2005

Postcard home

I'm doing well in Germany.
In the swing of things here although every day will be different.
So, so far we have visited church home groups, played with kids at the park and helped out with the childrens service today, doing dances and action songs. (nicked from spring harvest!) Tomorrow is a day off and on wednesday we will be helping with school lessons.
Last night I changed hosts, to where I will be for the rest of the time. I am staying with an American family but I do have to speak aome German elsewhere. (occasionally)
Weather is very hot and I'm struggling with hayfever. Fortunately the weather is supposed to cool down soon.
We are working well as a team and that has been one of the highlights of the trip for me so far.
Hope all is well with you
Love from Pete


steve said...

hi petros

great to hear things going well.
hope that as the days progress the blessings and fun increase and duplicate.

looking forward to hearing stories and having you back

jon said...

hey matey. sounds like your having a whale of a time. we all miss you make sure you both come back in one piece. or two pieces. whatever. praying for you mate


Paul Windo said...

Glad to hear it's going well - I've had a pretty interesting few days here in *Luton* too. Am planning to update my blog over the next few days so you can find out what's been going on...

Hope the rest of the trip goes as well as the start has