Wednesday, May 04, 2005



What a night! What an atmosphere! What a result! Somehow, Liverpool have reached the Champions League final. Who would have predicted that?!
I don't care whether the ball actually crossed the line, it was quite simply an awesome performance with some incredible defending. Jamie Carragher is a legend! We're on our way to Istanbul.
I couldn't get the night off yesterday, so had to set up a radio down at D:caff. There were a few of the guys who gathered round the big, dusty speakers that looked like they hadn't been used for a few years. The tension built throughout the night. D:caff closes at 9 and we were finished clearing up at 9.20. So it was a quick dash home to catch the last 5 mins on TV. Still 1-0. phew. heart pounding. 6 minutes of stoppage time! what! liverpool keep the ball well down the other end, playing for time. but then 95th minute. Dudek flaps at a cross and it falls to Gudjohnson who has the goal gaping. Incredibly, he whistles the shot wide of the post. I'm on the floor. Final whistle! Squeel of delight! One huge smile on my face. Victory tastes sweet.


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I'm delighted as are my 2 sons.