Saturday, May 07, 2005

Manic mayhem

Last night was abit of a crazy one down at D:caff. 63 youngsters. 5 helpers. broken window. excited kids cos ooh, there's going to be a big fight. lots of shouting and telling offs. felt like it should be 9 o'clock and it was only quarter to 8. neighbour round afterwards. tired, frustrated and tense. could say it was an intense night! Proper youthwork.
Well done to all the helpers last night cos it was hard work. More helpers desperately need though!
...oh and to cap it all off, whilst putting the equipment away, I got a big splinter in my finger . aah!


steve said...

you know what they say, pete.
a big splinter in the finger is better than a small splinter in your bum...

Petros mole said...

Wise words. little consolation though.