Saturday, May 28, 2005

Hallo. Wie gehts?

Guten Abends from Germany. Just finished the end of the first full day and I've kindly been allowed onto a computer. (German keyboards are wierd!!) The weather here is surprisingly really hot. I can't believe I only packed one pair of shorts. It's like the summer.
So today we had lots of introductions and then we spent the afternoon planning sketches, songs and puppet shows for the next few days. The church is amazing with so many different nationalaties and many different groups. Speaking through a translator is wierd but so many people know English it's usually fine. Everyone is incredibly friendly, especially my hosts. Iäm staying with Mike and we've had loads of food!!
I'm feeling pretty relaxed but I also know that the next two weeks are going to be huge.
Anyways, Iäve gotta go. Auf wiedersehn.

p.s. as you can probably see i've been having problems with the keyboard. The z and the y are swapped round and here are some other symbols, just to prove I'm actually in the land of Deutchland:
öäöööäßßßßÖÄeEEE3332§§§. there's also a euro sign but i can't get to it!! Tchuss

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