Thursday, May 26, 2005


I don't think I've ever known anything quite like that. Incredible. Astonishing. Miraculous.
I don't think I've ever screamed as loud as that. That was sheer drama. Exhilirating.
Gerrard was fantastic but how did Dudek make that save in extra time???!! That was unbelievable.
It's so hard to put into words just how I felt. There were a few photos taken of my face at the end (which may make there way on to blogs at some point.) But above is a picture of someone doing an impression of my emotion.

Thanks for all the texts and phone calls last night. They really made it a special night. And I'll never forget where I was on 25th May 2005 eh, guys? And you probably won't forget watching my emotions more than the game!
My favourite text last night came from Paul Windo who sent the following text when it went 3-1; 'Do u believe...? I saw Watford come from 3 down once.' Another text said that I must feel like a proud parent and my mum summed up the night with a fantastic text simply putting, 'They won'

And to follow that now I'm off to germany this afternoon. See all you fabulous people in 2 weeks. And remember, "You'll never walk alone."

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Paul Windo said...

Touched that I got a mention! There are some days when being a football fan pays off... There was a great moment on the 5 Live commentary, when at half time, the summariser commented that "it was going to take a comeback of Lazarus-type proportions" - magic!
Add to that when I watched the re-run of the game late at night, I recalled hearing them discuss the debateable penalty and subsequent Crespo goal as "two mintues that they'll be discussing all summer unless something miraculous happens..." - I love commentators!!