Sunday, May 15, 2005

2 ways to get a bit tipsy

What a brilliant night it was last night! Started with a youth service over in Canterbury. It was such a great time of worship (which got me jumping into the air!) and there was a really inspiring talk (based on 'The Vision') which encouraged everybody at there own level. God did so much. It was lead by a band called Collective, who are going round schools in Kent, putting on concerts. My responsibility was manning the tuck shop!!
After the highs of worship, we joined up with Sam, Mike, Marcus, Steve, Jo (x2) and Katy for a drink. Good laugh! And then we all made our way back to Sam's where he got us all a 'brew'. I've no idea what we talked about. I just remember it being funny. Well, I had drunk one whole pint.


muel said...

and very quickly too thanks to the pushy bar staff.

aussie maureen said...

hi Pete
just catching up with everyone on their blog sites. Glad you had a good time how is 24/14 going? love