Saturday, April 30, 2005


Just got to fill you all in on the last couple of nights of youth groups. Thursday night sees a youth group over in Reculver which normally has a short 'God-slot' in. This week me, Marcus and Beth came up with an ingenious game where we hid lots of balloons in a field. Some of the balloons had parts of a Bible verse in, which the youngsters then had to put together. It was all good, but we had a bit more time at the end than we anticipated. Consequently, we had to do some filling. The only thing was that our filling somehow got round to some deep testimonies on how the Holy Spirit works in people's lives!
As Bono would say, "He moves in mysterious ways."

Friday night D:caff had 50 teenagers turn up. It's always a long and tiring night when there are that many but I only had to tell a few guys to stop smoking out the back. Even managed to get a few games of table tennis in. Slowly but surely, I'm beginning to get the hang of top-spin.

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